Tom Court

Kite Surfer

Tom is one of the World’s leading Kite surfers with a record that speaks for itself. 1st Junior BKSA Champion, 1st BKSA British Champion, 11th PKRA World Title, 1st BKSA Animal Windfest, 2nd White Air Rail Jam, 2nd PKRA Best Trick Fuerte, 1st Rail Jam, Dominican Republic, 3rd WONW Kite Park, Philippines, 1st Slider Party, France, 3rd Rail Master Russia, 3rd Triple-S Kickers USA, 1st Battle for the Lake Achill Ireland, 9th Blue Palawan Kite Park League and has also had 10 years of attending the Triple-S invitational USA. Tom is into anything extreme which captures the eye of big sponsors and content producers such as GoPro, Redbull, Xtreme Network, Armani and many more. His Powerful riding style allows him to create and produce some unbelievable content so be sure to give him a follow.