Corrective Exercise is a fantastic way to help your body move, feel and live better. Initially a thorough screening and movement assessment process will take place. From here we can identify if there’s any movement faults or imbalances, perform strength tests and analyze how this affects your symptoms, function and performance. We then prescribe a programme which we take you through 1-1 in our private studio. Specifically designed for your body, we will give you the knowledge and help to achieve a stronger, healthier body.

What do we use Corrective Exercise for?

  • Help improve body movement and performance.
  • Correct a specific injury or recurring niggle.
  • A body service check, ensuring you’re functioning and moving optimally.
  • Changing your habits, aiming to provide a solution for chronic pain.
  • A preventative to help reduce stress on the body and Injury.

Who may benefit?

This is not just for people looking to improve their sports performance. We also help people that aren’t necessarily ‘sporty’ overcome long term chronic pain. Through our specialised corrective exercise programmes, we can help almost anyone! Not sure if this might help you? Please do get in touch, and we would love to answer any questions you may have!