At RMA, we understand that us athletes want to push our bodies to the max. Achieve those SB’s and PB’s, and get our bodies ticking to optimal performance! We understand that athletes require a strong foundation, in a diverse range of athletic qualities, in order to best tolerate the training loads and competitive demands of our chosen sport.

Athletic Screening:

Our screening process is designed to monitor and improve your athletic and sporting development, identify strengths, weaknesses and possible dysfunctional movement patterns. From here we can determine injury risk and analyse potential areas which could be improved.

Who is this for?

We are proud to offer our unique RMA Athletic Screening service to the Isle of Wight sporting population. This screening is not JUST for elite athletes! It is also very useful for both beginners and improvers who are looking to become biomechanically more efficient, prevent common injuries and improve their performance.

If you would like more information on screening for you or your athletes, please do get in touch for more details.

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