Biomechanical Running Analysis

During a biomechanical running analysis session, we will break down your running technique phase by phase and identify any weaknesses and inefficiencies that could cause you to be a less efficient runner, increase the potential for injury, and of course prevent you from running faster.

If you’re currently struggling with injury, or seem to pick up constant niggles in the same areas… then look no further. This analysis will help you identify why that might be happening.

Balanced biomechanics and optimal running form, ensures that we maximise efficiency, reduce joint impact, improve economy and minimise energy loss.

  1. Reduce your risk of injury
  2. Improve your efficiency
  3. Optimise your performance

Once we’ve given you your running analysis data, we can then create your own bespoke technique and corrective programmes.

Who is this biomechanical analysis is suitable for?

  • Beginner runners
  • Serious amateurs
  • Elite runners
  • Distance runners
  • Triathletes
  • Injured Runners