SPorts massage

assessment, treatment and management of the soft tissues


Sports massage and soft tissue therapy involves the assessment, treatment and management of the soft tissues of the body – muscles, fascia, ligaments, and tendons. 


Repetition of movement in our busy daily lives has a huge impact on our bodies. From construction workers, to an office worker who sits in the same position five days a week. These have a detrimental affect on our posture. Muscles and fascia will adapt, with certain muscle groups becoming short and tight, whilst others become long and weak. This creates muscular imbalances that will cause aches, pains, dysfunction and eventually injury. Maintaining our body is vital in our daily lifestyles and careers. Most individuals undervalue the importance of our bodily functions until we experience failure and injury. Your body needs a regular service to reduce and prevent these problems.


In order to achieve our sporting goals and continue performing optimally, our body requires regular maintenance and adjustment to ensure we stay injury free. Repetitive movements used in sport causes soreness, fatigue and scar tissue within our muscles. Deep tissue massage along with advanced soft tissue therapy techniques will help to realign scar tissue. Massage also supports circulation and lymphatic drainage, flushing out waste products, aiding recovery. The use of the neuromuscular technique, soft tissue release and muscle energy technique will help to reduce trigger point activity, increase flexibility, release tension, and support your overall fitness and performance.